A Simple Guide to Selling Your Photos

Make money from your photos without losing ownership
Are you a photographer or a graphic artist?
There is nothing easier than making money with your photos and illustrations. Magazine editors, web designers, publishers are always looking for quality material to use in their product. The best news? You don't sell them your actual photograph but just the right to use it. A good photo can sell over and over hundreds of times.
A number of so called "microstock" agencies have appeared in recent years where you can upload your photos and let buyers search them by keyword. The photos must be at least 4 megapixels and of good photographic quality. See the links below and sign up with any or all of these agencies. They don't charge phographers any fees, but will inspect your photos to make sure they meet quality standards.
Shutterstock Shutterstock
The largest microstock agency with high sales volume. Signup is free for the photographer. All submissions must pass strict quality standards. Review the quality requirements before submitting! Commissions are low but sales volumes are high.

Dreamstime Dreamstime
Great source of photos, growing fast. Dreamstime pays some of the highest commissions. They approve most images and sales volume is high.

Fotolia Fotolia
Fotolia has a great feature which lets you see the buyer of your photos Their approval rate is high and they review your photos fast.

Bigstockphoto Bigstockphoto
Bigstockphoto also offers great commissions Hundreds of new constributors and buyers sign up daily. They offer many convenient and innovative features.

123RF 123RF
New agency with great features! Submissions reviewed within 24hrs!